Values, standards, and behaviors

To live a happy fulfilled life means to be in balance. Balance can only be achieved when ones most important values are allowed to flourish. When personal values line up with the actions taken in life we start to get a hint at what happiness really means.
As I discussed in my article on selfless acts, the mind will drive an individual to do whatever is necessary for it to be contented. Furthermore, as Mark Twain points out in his essay “what is man,” the conscious must be contented first then secondary and tertiary benefits are considered.
How does this relate to core values and happiness? The reason living core values is of such importance is because those core values are precisely the prescription for contenting the mind. You can think of the values like the roots of a beautiful plant. The roots are the values. They are what keeps the plant in place. Likewise identifying and understanding your core values will provide roots that help you stand tall. The plant standing tall can be equated to happiness.
The stem that gives the plant rigidity and pushes it upwards towards more light can be thought of as our standards. The standards we set must line up with our values or we will have a difficult time contenting the conscious. In fact, just like the stem gives the plant structure; the standards we adopt guide us in the decisions we make and the actions we take every day.
The roots and stem are not the whole plant and by themselves would not be considered beautiful by most standards. The beauty one enjoys when taking in the essence of a plant lies in the flowers. Undoubtedly, the flowers of a plant are akin to the behaviors one exhibits day in and day out. When those behaviors are a result of standards and values that are adorned by both God and man a state of beauty exists that is hard to miss.
Remember this, the journey towards happiness must begin with a single step. Identifying one’s core values and living those values through standards and behaviors is the key to staying on course. Values, standards, and behaviors.

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  1. The composition and the substance of the blog are definitely something we all can relate to and oftentimes overlook. I definitely agree with the fact, our public image and good deeds or lack there off, are most definitely are an outer reflection of our core values. Well done and thanks for the reminder. Good read

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