Start being happy now!

It all too well settled for there to be any debate that happiness must be derived from within. Therefore, to achieve any real sense of happiness it’s critical that one’s outward actions align with one’s inner values more often than not. ghandi

The first step one must make in becoming a happier person is to decide change is necessary and wanted. Once the decision is made, it really becomes just a matter of mechanics. Simple SMART goals like I discussed in my article on goal setting can help clear the path.

So think about these questions, “Do I want to be a positive pleasant person to myself and the people in my life?” and “Do I want to be the chronic complainer who can never be happy? I’m going to tell you exactly how you can embrace the former and reduce the latter.

I propose one simple step that will almost instantly begin to increase your sense of happiness and wellbeing. STOP being negative! If you have been a grumpy Gus for a long time, taking a more positive approach will not come as easy as one might think. Galileo taught us the “law of inertia.” It basically says that objects in motion tend to stay in motion until acted upon by an opposing force. This phenomena is just as true of the human emotional attributes as it is asteroids traveling through the cosmos.

You’ve decided you want to change was the first step. Now, begin a genuine attempt to find positive things to comment on. It’s important that you vocalize your positive thoughts. If it’s good things about other people all the better. Even if it is just the weather, when the weather is nice share it. If someone holds a door for you say “thank you so much.” Say it with a smile as you look them in the eye. It critical to truly learn to be thankful for these small gestures of human kindness. What a tremendous help this simple step will make in creating the opposing force to reduce negativity and increase one’s happiness.

Remember the old saying your mother used to tell you that went, “if you don’t have anything nice to say- don’t say anything at all.” Take it one step further by making conscious effort to notice the positive aspects of others. Then verbalize and acknowledge these traits. Don’t do it in a manipulative manner. Do it from the heart, based on the higher values that your inner self is wants to flourish. Follow this simple practice and you’ll find your values and actions will start to line up; bringing with it less negativity and more happiness in your life.

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