S.M.A.R.T Goals


SMART-goalsLike I mentioned on my previous post on happiness and well-being, S.M.A.R.T goals are the ideal place to start improving your quality of life.

  • S- Goals must be specific. You need to set you mind on exactly what it is you intend to accomplish. Suppose you wanted to run in a 5K foot race but you can’t run a single Kilometer without gasping your last breath. That’s OK, you can still be specific with your goals. Example> I will be able to run 1 kilometer without stopping in 60 days. That’s specific. It will be to you when the goal is achieved. Who knows, at the end of 60 days you may be able to run 2 kilometers.
  • M- Goals must be measureable. It would be pointes to say I want to be able to run further in the next 60 days. How much further? How will the progress be monitored? A measurable goal is the only way to quantify any progress.
  • A- Goals have to be achievable.  This is where a realistic view must be considered as to what can be accomplish. It’s important not to “lay-up” when setting goals. Any goal should stretch one’s comfort zone but not break it.  As in our earlier example, it may be too much to expect to run a whole 5K in two months, for some that’s just not achievable. The more achievable, but not easy, goal of running one kilometer makes more sense. On the other hand, one who regularly participates in cardio workouts may need to choose a more substantial goal or reduce the time.
  • R- Goals must be relevant to you. This is not the place to adopt another’s goal. It’s critical the big picture is considered and any goal be one piece of the bigger puzzle. A great way to help insure relevance is to ask a simple question. Am I passionate about this goal? If passion is not the right word then make sure the goal is something you can get behind, something you can see a benefit in.
  • T- Goals must be timely. A few key factors that may affect the timeliness of goals are: Does this goal fit into available bandwidth? Is enough time allocated to meeting the goal? Based on other things in life, can this goal coincide?If one were participating in a 40 day fast, it may not be the best time to tackle long distance running.

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