positive outlook

garbage in garbage outDo you want to have a more positive outlook on life? Did you know the way one thinks, the food one enjoys, the way one chooses to worship, even the sexual preferences one has can be directly attributed to the information that enters into the human micro-processor we call the mind. Of course born temperament has its part to play and I don’t want to downplay the importance of genetics. Temperament controls how the untrained mind reacts to any given set of circumstances.

By now most Americans have a basic idea of how the computer operates. More specifically, the micro-processor in a computer can be compared to the input or training the mind receives from external sources. Like the sensors leading to the input of the micro-processor, the five senses are inputs to the mind.
These inputs come in many forms. They come to us from those we interact with, from the television, movies, news broadcasts, newspapers articles, and any of hundreds if not thousands of different sources. Our mind, like the micro-processor is controlled by the inputs supplied.
Any idea or any thought one has is simply a product of an input placed in the computer of the mind sometime in the past. Often these ideas can quietly incubate for years waiting on the time when the mind will call the idea into action. Taking the action it demands based on the other millions of inputs it has observed and of course the inborn temperament of the individuals mind.

All this is to point out how important it is to minimize the negative influences that can and will affect one’s individual happiness. If one desires positive outcomes in life it becomes essential that positive actions be taken. Any time positive actions are observed, rest assured, positive thinking is hiding just under the covers. Finally we come full circle to see the importance of allowing more positive and less negatives inputs into one’s life.
People who are positive thinkers give off a positive vibe. This vibe is generated in the mind and is picked up by the minds of others. Thus surrounding oneself with positive thinkers will undoubtedly yield a more positive outlook on life which naturally creates more wellbeing and happiness.

Do you want to have more influence on your family, coworkers, customers, and any number of other people you come into contact with? Try this, give up one source of negative inputs for 30 days. For me the first one was the news. The major news networks flood the airways with bad news. After seeing all this you are naturally in a state of negative delusion about the world around you. There’s no doubt this world has problems, but there is much more good to be seen than bad. The news is an input you can do without, at least multiple times per day. After abstaining from the news for 30 days see if your outlook is starting to change. Don’t worry about missing something major, if you need to know about it, someone will surely let you know. The world won’t stop turning and you miss it because FOX or CNN wasn’t playing in the background. You will feel more positive, more engaged in real life, and generally have a stronger sense of wellbeing.

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