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The most critical element for any leader is to increase their circle of influence. This of course means looking inside oneself in an honest effort to improve. Personal growth involves expanding the command of one’s personal resources. This require a direct investment in one’s personal capital, specifically time and emotional energy. Leaders from all walks of life spend a significant amount of both time and energy driving the results for their various endeavors. In the end, success as a leader can be predicted by how willing the leader is to seek growth from within.
What are the benefits of internal growth? For starters it places one in a much better position to attain the goals that matter most. It creates an atmosphere of development, a halo if you will, around all those whom you come in to contact with. That means family, coworkers, church members, and anyone else who you have influence on. It’s a form of energy that transfers between individuals like a contagion of good will. These strategies are essential in expanding one’s circle of influence.
Improved communication
When communication fails, everyone involved loses. Embrace listening to the thoughts of others. Don’t just listen with the ears but endeavor to understand the emotion behind the words. Avoid any interruptions and the urge to solve whatever problem is being detailed. A concentrated effort on listening with will improve your personal internal growth.
Delegate tasks
You have to be courageous to undertake big task. Never be afraid of delegating various duties to some experienced members of your team. Often, you will get that job done better than if you yourself had undertaken the task. In doing so your time can be invested in creating the next steps of the process. It also improves the quality of the services as team members gain confidence to tackle more responsibility (remember the halo.)
Leadership qualities
Leaders have more responsibility in a business. They facilitate solutions for almost all the complex problems in the business. More agile, high quality decisions are made and implemented through stronger leadership qualities. Leadership is the core of success for any business, church, or even families. Respect each member of the unit. Be yourself. Don’t copy other’s ideas but be prepared to benchmark others when necessary.
Do what you say
Personal credibility is highly eroded by the lack of trust. It’s then wise to build trust. It’s a fundamental element to securing one’s influence. If you ethically undertake your task as required, most people will trust you. Be consistent with what you say and once promised, deliver.
Be available
It becomes worse to have a conversation with somebody who is in a hurry. Be present. Put away all devices when having a conversation. Switch off the TV and laptop if possible. Plan for another time to hold a talk if you have any appointment and worrying to miss it. Be punctual. Note that people tend to make time for you if you make time for them. This one is closely linked to listening and communication.
Develop yourself
It’s wise to invest in one’s own personal capital. Build blocks to extend your influence and reach. This is at the center of personal development. You can only influence others to the extent you can develop yourself. Remember the contagion?
Strong leadership is derived from the ability to influence others. Modeling the proper behavior may be the most direct way to that end. It’s actually an incredibly valuable thing in all business and personal relationships. Don’t be ambiguous when promising outcomes, specifics are your friend! Choose battles that have important consequences. Go for a fight that serves more than just oneself and watch how your circle of influence can multiply.

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