Happiness and well-being

For many people it seems the ebbs and flow of happiness and well-being are handed out like gifts, or possibly a curse, from the gods. More reasonably logical people realize happiness is something you live, something that requires a concerted effort. After all we all know that “anything not worth working for is not worth owning.”

This leads us invariably to the question of how one become happier, more engaged in life, with a solid sense of well-being. Join me as we look into the possibilities. Let’s look together at what life could be like with contentment and happiness as one of our emphasized underlying values.

I like to use the idea of a happiness scale. The happiness sale is a way to measure how we feel about our well-being. It looks like this: the two opposite emotions sad and happy are at both ends of a gage. Very Sad would be represented by 0 and extremely happy would be 10. Of course most people cycle up and down around the median. We on the other hand need to think about the incremental steps we can take to start nudging our Happiness value up the scale. The great thing about my system is it doesn’t matter if you are 2 or a 7 on the happiness scale. You can start today with incremental steps. Small steps and SMART goals are the key to becoming a happier more complete person.

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